We hold ourselves accountable when it comes to our goals and objectives. Our unwavering dedication to honouring our commitments inspires trust and confidence among our clients, colleagues and business partners.

We believe that knowledge is power and that the know-how that we have accrued through our work, and our colleagues pursuit of best practice, help us deliver innovative, high impact, solutions for the challenges and opportunities our clients face.

We believe integrity is the foundation of positive, productive and long-term relationships with our clients, colleagues and stakeholders. Transparency, openness and authenticity are critical to maintaining and enhancing trusted partnerships.

We are known for our focus on delivery excellence and commitment to achieving exceptional results that have a positive impact on our clients business perfromance.


We support and encourage an inclusive culture, entrepreneurial mindset and independent thinking. Technology Leaders is not about organisational charts and rigid hierarchies - we want all colleagues to feel that Technology Leaders is theirs, to own and run.

Minimal bureaucracy creates opportunities to work on different projects and make a real contribution to developing our business, while enhancing personal skills and experience. We know that the more successful our people are, the more successful our clients will be.

We work hard to remove barriers and encourage authenticity and creativity in our workplaces.


At Technology Leaders, we believe that continuing to strive for a genuinely diverse and inclusive working environment is the right thing to do for our colleagues, our clients, and our communities.

Our company’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and integrity is the foundation on which our business and our professional lives are built. It is part of who we are at Technology Leaders and what we stand for. We believe that having and sharing diverse perspectives is what binds us together and is the catalyst for our creativity.

Our inclusive culture celebrates differences and encourages individual perspectives and contributions.

Regardless of race, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion, ethnicity, national origin, or your viewpoint, we invite everyone to thrive and contribute at Technology Leaders. Our differences are truly our strength and it will never be acceptable for anyone to receive unequal recruitment, promotion, job security, pay or professional opportunities.

Technology Leaders is committed to working toward a more equitable future and discrimination-free environment for all our colleagues, our clients, and the communities we serve. We stand together as a family against injustice of any kind and are committed to playing our part to bring about positive change and build a better and more equitable future.



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First Contact Resolution (FCR)83%
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)98%
Service Agreement Compliance (SLA)95%

Helping Build Great Businesses!

Our core purpose is to help build smarter, more sustainable, agile, people focused and innovative businesses around the world. We bring together people with the passion, energy and ability to deliver positive change.

In today’s complex, challenging and fast moving world, delivering change is a multi-disciplinary team effort. It’s software, marketing, finance, people, operations and more. All aligned to a clear direction and purpose.

Technology Leaders helped us architect and resource our move into new overseas markets.

RichardRenewables / Chief Executive

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