Business Growth

Growth starts with a winning strategy, one that everybody can get behind and execute. Our expertise, capabilities and engagement models lead our clients to find sources of competitive advantage, transform their businesses, win with their customers and develop bold new moves that deliver sustained growth.

We accelerate access to capital, customers and talent.


Digital & Data

Succeeding in today’s era of constant disruption requires a strong digital presence, data-rich solutions, and customer-driven innovation.

Technology Leaders operates an integrated and collaborative team of technologists, data scientists, creative thinkers & industry experts to help our clients create new revenue streams, enhance the customer experience and boost business performance.


Talent & Resourcing

As organizations face the challenges of adapting to ever-changing business models, customer demands and consumer behavior, they need savvy and experienced leaders who align and inspire teams, advance digital strategy, and build capabilities to deliver rapid results.

We connect you with the diverse talent needed to drive innovation and technology led transformations.


Connecting the Global Tech Community!

Global Tech Advocates is the largest international grassroots tech community, uniting the private sector in multiple cities and regions worldwide. More than 20,000 business leaders, experts and investors volunteer their time to campaign for the betterment of the global tech industry.

Talent and Resourcing

Executive Search

Our global network of senior leaders helps our clients build inclusive, high performance teams with the right skills, knowledge, and drive to adapt, and respond to the challenges and opportunities that are determining long-term business success.

Digital Leaders

We provide a full spectrum of diverse tech talent spanning strategy, data and analytics, digital marketing, industry 4.0 manufacturing, AI, cybersecurity, and beyond.


We provide on-demand talent solutions to help companies achieve higher performance and growth. Our interim executives fill gaps in critical roles, augment leadership capacity and drive strategic transformations.

Diversity Dividends

We help our clients deliver the dividends of enhanced financial performance and boost to innovation enjoyed by organisations who operate inclusive workplaces, compared to their less-diverse competitors.


Business Growth

We accelerate access to Capital, Customers and Talent. We help you to understand your growth potential, connect you with international VCs, Private Equity and Institutional Investors, introduce you to large corporations who are seeking partner solutions for their business challeges and ensure the resources you need to scaleup are covered.

We use a variety of solutions and tools to help clients define, execute and accelerate their business strategy. Just one in three organizations successfully meet the challenge of digital disruption. Those that do tend to make big strategic bets — in the order of 10% of their market capitalization. They are rewarded with significant revenue growth and 14 extra points of total shareholder return. The critical question is this: which strategic bets should you make — and in what order?

Technology Leaders mine vast, unstructured datasets to help clients spot their next big opportunity. Our world-class data scientists, intellectual property experts, and network analysts — aided by leading-edge tools and proprietary algorithms — seek to answer the essential question at the heart of growth strategy and innovation strategy: how do we win tomorrow?