Technology Leaders Colleague Charter

Technology Leaders is a leading consultancy and resourcing services firm that specialize in powering business growth through digitalization, data innovation, scale-up programmes and recruitment services from its diverse talent networks. With a client portfolio of global organizations, Technology Leaders operates at the intersection of business and technology by combining innovative thinking with specialist knowledge and know-how to deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions and fast-track transformations for ambitious, high-growth companies and their leaders.

Our approach is tailor-made to fit each client’s problem with an emphasis on building long-term strategic partnerships that foster collaboration and trust. We have the people, the vision, the passion and the expertise. Technology Leaders is committed to providing our clients with practical solutions. We offer a globally integrated service with support in the world’s leading tech hubs.

Technology Leaders is committed to driving business growth by harnessing the talents of all our people, enabling everyone to ‘be yourself’ at work by fostering an inclusive and empowering culture based on our shared values – integrity, excellence, commitment, and knowledge. Technology Leaders is committed to promoting these values in the way we collaborate with clients, the communities in which we operate and each other so that everyone at Technology Leaders can achieve their full potential at work, actively contribute to growth in a market-leading business and share in our success.

Technology Leaders will:

  1. Appoint and grow leaders who are role models for our values and culture in their behaviours and actions with others.
  2. Foster an inclusive culture rooted in openness, fair treatment and respect at work so each of us can be our authentic selves at work. Set challenging diversity targets and regularly report our performance and progress. Promote a culture founded on respect for others at work, adopt a zero- tolerance standard in relation to any form of bullying or harassment at work.
  3. Support career-long development (in technical and leadership capabilities) and provide opportunities for accelerated career progression for our strongest performers, particularly those from under-represented groups, in our leadership.
  4. Provide ongoing feedback and coaching so each of us can fulfil our full potential at work, achieve and sustain high standards of performance and make a valuable contribution to the business.
  5. Create an environment free from artificial or unfair barriers to progression, discrimination anti- social behaviour, bullying or harassment of any kind.
  6. Offer market-competitive reward and recognition for achievement of individual, team and business goals and enable all staff to share in the success of our business.
  7. Empower everyone to participate actively in the decisions that influence and shape our business and the way we work, enable the achievement of our goals, and enhance and embed our culture and values.
  8. Provide channels for staff suggestions, comments, feedback and encourage people to raise proposals, concerns or issues at work, anonymously where necessary.

Our Colleagues will:

  1. Contribute actively to growing our business, enhancing our culture and demonstrating our values every day at work so each of us can be fully engaged at work, take pride in Technology Leaders and contribute positively to the company.
  2. Understand, uphold and act in accordance with all Technology Leaders policies, processes and standards.
  3. Complete all the mandatory training required by the business in a timely and responsible fashion.
  4. Work with the company to identify, report and manage risk as appropriate and protect the interests of the business, our people, our clients, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.
  5. Take personal responsibility for individual performance and the performance of your teams, thequality of your work, your development and career progression.
  6. Raise any concerns or issues at work openly, anonymously if necessary and report any breaches of Technology Leaders policy or standards by others, in good faith. Adopt a zero-tolerance stance in relation to any form of bullying or harassment and report to leadership any instances we witness or experience.
  7. Act professionally with all stakeholders including clients, colleagues, regulators, industry bodies and government.
  8. Maintain confidentiality of client, Technology Leaders and personal data in line with Technology Leaders policies, standards and regulations. Protect and secure confidential client and personal data and do not circulate this data outside Technology Leaders networks. Do not compromise our IT security standards or protection.
  9. Demonstrate collegiate behaviour, collaborate openly and share knowledge, ideas and information.

Last updated: July 2023