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We partner with people and organisations to unlock their potential and Drive Diversity In Tech. Whether you’re looking for a new professional adventure or have a talent challenge that’s blocking your path to success, we’re with you.


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Diagnostic and Strategy – We begin by conducting a comprehensive review of your organization, culture, customers, corporate mission, competitive situation, existing team and your vision for the future. We analyze your current teams’ skill sets and diversity in critical areas and compare those metrics against the expectations and needs of your customers.

Definition and Design – During this phase, we drill down into the specifics of the position, skills and background needed to excel in the role and any particular business problems that need to be solved. We evaluate everything we know and have learned and create a comprehensive profile of the role which includes detailed responsibilities, expectations of desired results, cultural match criteria, and any special or quantifiable achievements required for the position.

Research and Exploration – We pride ourselves on finding executives through our state of the art database, deep industry connections, and proprietary research strategies. We find the ‘hidden in plain sight’ executives and actively pursue the best in the business.

Marketplace Outreach and Propositions – We are now ready to strategically hit the marketplace full force with a clear and bold message that has been tested for resonance among our target audience. Our role is to educate, evaluate, pitch and sell our targets and do everything in our power to bring them to the table.

Review, Assess and Select – We utilize unique and proprietary evaluation techniques to assess candidates on every level in an effort to ensure the best possible match. Technology Leaders believes in a “no surprises” philosophy, conducting extensive market, background and reference checks on our candidates.

Negotiation – Negotiation is as much an art as it is a science, and we have honed that art over 30 years of facilitating and helping clients forge mutually beneficial agreements and expectations. We are known for making the deal portion of the process a positive experience for all involved and earn our reputation on every negotiation.

Onboarding and Follow Up – Your relationship with Technology Leaders doesn’t end with a successful placement. Once we work together, we stay close and connect regularly with you and the candidate to help facilitate a smooth onboarding experience and establish a clear set of expectations on both sides.