Our programme aims to deliver strategic, practical and innovative support to companies and leaders who want to achieve growth.

Many businesses think of growth in terms of increased sales, but we think it is also important to focus how the business community develop their skills and knowledge to create the capacity and environment for growth and also crucially important how to maintain or improve profitability.

What the programme does

This programme focuses on developing business people using a mix of traditional business, social science and creative thinking based training.

Our aim is to help you discover things about you, your staff, your business and target markets you do not yet know.

We will help you understand alternative models of management, leadership and business and help you develop the mind-set and flexibility to respond and manage increasing pressures and shifts in challenges.

Who is the programme for

The Growth Programme is available to individuals and businesses with up to 50 employees an a turnover of between £0.5m and £20m.

For those in the process of starting a new business or in the first years of trading we aim to help you establish a sound business base or help you move to a stage where you can elegantly scale your business. Once you have reached this stage we then focus on how established businesses can build capacity for sustainable growth.

The support we offer

We offer support in the following areas:

Business start-up advice

Business diagnostics and support

Accounting and finance

Marketing and promotion including social media

Business mentoring and networking

Staff development

Product and service development

Innovation and culture change

Creating and managing growth

International trade

Stage 1 – Business diagnostic and growth planning.
Stage 2 – Business Workshops and Business Mentoring
Stage 3 – Business Consultancy

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